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UNAYO Programs

U.N.A.Y.O.’s Programs

Recreational Programs
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Basketball Program Runs from November to June.  We provide Basketball skills training and league competition. U.N.A.Y.O. host tournaments and camps as well as being the founders of the Super Successful Western Suffolk Basketball League. 

U.N.A.Y.O.’s Cheerleading Program instructs youngsters in Basic techniques and methodologies.
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Football Program runs from April to November.  Football Camp serves as the introductory training ground for Football and the Regular Football Season runs July through November

Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do)  
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Martial Arts Program runs Year Round.  Registration is inclusive of  4 Classes a month, Crab Soccer, Movie Night and Game Night.  Program runs on Saturdays.  

Cultural & Educational Programs
Cultural Studies (Seniors)
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Cultural Studies Program runs from October to June.  Classes are held once a month on the Third Saturday.  Lesson Plans center on specific time periods in History. The subject matter curriculum includes the study of Cultural Diversity.       
Cultural Studies (Juniors)
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Cultural Studies Program runs from October to June.  Classes are geared specifically for Kindergarten through 4th Grade students. Lesson Plans center on Cultural Diversity.   Classes are held once a month on the third Saturday.

Girl Scouts  
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Girl Scouts Program runs from September to June.  This program is run under the auspices of Girl Scouts USA, Suffolk County Girl Scouts, Amityville Service Unit # 19 various age levels are offered.  Brownie Troop # 1257, Junior Troop # 2700, Cadette Troop # 1633 and Senior Troop # 1533 call U.N.A.Y.O. home.

Peer Tutorial
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Peer Tutorial Program runs from October to May.  Classes are given as follows Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Classes are 2 hours, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  Snack is provided.    

READ Program  
U.N.A.Y.O.’s R.E.A.D.  Program runs from October to May for grades 2-6.  Classes are given on  Tuesday and Thursday.  Students are seen for one-hour increments. Program focuses on reading comprehension and writing skill development.    

Youth Leadership
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Youth Leadership Program is a unique program that runs from September to June.  Annual retreat workshop and guest lectures are provided.  Classes are held on the third Saturday of the month.  

Summer Day Camp  
U.N.A.Y.O.’s Summer Day Camp Program is a six-week program that runs from 9am to 3pm five days a week.  Field Trips, Academic Skills, Recreation and Arts & Crafts are just a few things offered to youngsters exiting Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.    

Morry’s Camp  
U.N.A.Y.O. enjoys collaboration with Morry’s Camp.  Morry’s camp is a not for profit children’s organization that provides a year round support program and fully scholarship educationally based residential camp experience for economically disadvantaged youth.  Each year over 250 children from the New York Metropolitan Area enjoy camp adventures for four weeks free of charge. 

We have set unprecedented standards in the world of not-for profit camping by maintaining that camp is a year-round hands-on involvement.  This experience is balanced through constant contact with a child throughout the year and is intensified in the summer through the four-week residential camp experience. 

Consistency is the key to this program.  We operate two programs that complement each other in year round hands-on involvement with our campers.  This occurs in both home and school environment and through comprehensive athletic, recreational and academic components.  Their two programs are the 4 x 4 program and the Post Grad Program. 

The 4 x 4 program is designed for children entering grades 5-8.  The children in this program attend camp for four weeks, for four consecutive years.  The 4 x 4 program offers a traditional residential camp experience and monthly communications with the children who participate.  This program has a strong literacy and educational piece that is present in all aspects of the program.  
The Post Grad Program is designed for children who have completed the 4 x 4 Program, completing grades 8-12.  The program allows a child to participate in Morry’s Camp for five additional years.  There is a focus on life skill development, which is achieved by an intensified monthly component.  The summer component of the Post Grad Program varies in length and includes travel, leadership and career awareness programs.  
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